Worn but not Broken by Victoria Valentine

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Worn but not Broken is more than a collection of romance and stimulating art; it’s a heartfelt struggle laced with sensuality, and at times an adventurous crossing of passionate souls. This book will waltz you down a carpet of roses. But along with pleasure, within all existence tears must fall, so along this journey be prepared for thorns.

Valentine’s writing takes direct aim at the senses, delivering powerful poetry for lovers and for those who have loved and lost. Perhaps you have not loved at all? Join the drama regardless. Worn but not Broken stirs a blend of poignant experiences, inviting you into the hearts of those who have stared in the face the joys and woes of life, and have walked away stronger and wiser.

Worn but not Broken presents multi-dimensional stories to make you smile and lament, enlivening your spirit with the impact of love, passion and pain. For without these basic emotions, how would we feel? We wouldn’t... An array of sensations are a necessity, for you will step away knowing you’re alive—you’ve survived!

Valentine proficiently and eloquently exposes intimacies, conquering adversity as she dissects the intricacies of withering and budding relationships.

Worn but not Broken is a pot pourri of "could have been" "should have been" dreams and desires; fiction, fables, fairytales and poetry, expressing feelings that can easily erupt when hearts come together and emotions clash.

Skeptics beware: Inside this book are forces to entice the lover in everyone.

234 creme pages perfectly bound beneath delicious lavender covers, filled with gripping texts, enhanced with captivating art created by Maria Zeldis.

$20.00 USA 

In this case, you CAN judge a book by its cover!

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After more than 7 years of procrastination, Valentine's finally compiled a collection for the lover in all of us.

Review by Holly Bianchi

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