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The Endless Journey

by Eric Tessier

Compilation of 20 short stories accented with 3 poems

148 pps paperback

Interior grayscale art by Amanda R. Tucker

ISBN 13: 978-0-9843602-4-6

ISBN 10: 0-9843602-4-7

Library of Congress Control Number: 2011926397

Price: $15.00 USD 10.50 Euro 9.50 GBP

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published by Water Forest Press

Welcome to the bizarre realm of Eric Tessier and The Endless Journey. Follow the maze that is his mind. Beware of the mirrors, trap doors, dead ends, and shadows and what lurks in them. This collection will force one into corners, make one want to run and hide. Attention fans of weird tales. Vampires, ghosts, murderers, beasts—these stories are rife with them. From snowy landscapes to voracious swamps, the reader is led on a journey of terror and suspense. Blood—so much blood, enough to slake the gluttonous thirst of Nosferatu. Deaths—so many deaths, enough to delight the cold, cold heart of the Grim Reaper. Down, down into the dark depths of humanity the author will take you. Fight, claw back up to the light. The devil’s in the details. Tessier - Eric Tessier -  a fresh voice in terror that whispers, calls and screams through alleys and the underground. Brought to you by the twisted sisters of Water Forest Press. Straight jacket required. Caution—curl up with these stories at your own risk. They will keep you wide awake. Nighty night, children. 

Vic Fortezza, author of Close to the Edge, Adjustments & A Hitch in Twilight