The Blue Collar Cobbler and Other Poems

By David Andres

5x8 paperback, 170 pages, 72 poems

$15.00 USA

ISBN 10:  978-0-98158-46-8-3

ISBN 13:  1-978-0-9815846-8-3

Published by Water Forest Press Books



David Andres has put together a book of 72 poems that are spiritual, philosophical and versatile.  It reaches to the core of his soul.  "The Blue Collar Cobbler and Other Poems" has a stroke of William Wordsworth, Robert Browning and Edgar Allan Poe.


David's poems are a breath of fresh air.  One does not find a combination of both flair and thought in the writing of poetry today.  His poems tell a story, some epic, some lyrical and others of free verse.  The poems are lengthy, never fall flat for the reader to appreciate.  In "A Rosebush In November", David writes, "Through all the changing seasons that/will mark my time on earth/acknowledging their good and bad/and seeking in them, worth."  He writes about the endurance of the rosebush, wishing he could be that strong, and is very philosophical about his strengths and weaknesses.


David Andres shares with the reader his own personal suffering as in "Amid the Valentines", In Memory of Karrie Chamber, 1-25-55 - 2-15-97.  It is a poem with the tone of Edgar Allan Poe; a reminder of Mr. Poe's grief over the death of his young wife and cousin, Virginia Clemm in the poem "Annabel Lee".  The last sentence the poem, "And this maiden, she lived with no other thought ”Than to love and be loved by me."  In David's poem his grief and sadness are hauntingly similar.  She wanted me to take to her home/away from that dark place/and so imploring were her eyes/such hope within her face.


I believe "The Blue Collar Cobbler and Other Poems" was written to be both lyrical in diction, epic in tone.  David is also very lighthearted and humorous as in "To My Cat", and "The Eve of All Hollows", and seriously epic as in "Valediction".  He made his point and kept the reader to heightened attention.


If one wants to read substance and heartfelt poetry, the "Blue Collar Cobbler and Other Poems" is the book for you.  It is for the lover of poetry, the reader who breathes poetry and the spirit who appreciates the pen of the poet.


Reviewed by Holly Bianchi