A Novel

by Vic Fortezza



“Rick wondered if there were, anywhere in America, a wholesome rivalry between neighboring schools, one that did not feature complex, dark undercurrents. It seemed that such innocence was dead, that the nation would never again experience it.”

Rick Caso is an everyday guy that coaches high school football, is married, and finds himself dealing with relationship issues. He struggles with the way life ought to be rather than how life has turned out. These are battles many of us can understand.  

Mr. Fortezza uses football as a metaphor for life. Ah, but that is such a nice neat way to describe Adjustments; a novel that is anything but nice and neat. Vic Fortezza knows his football. He not only takes the readers into the the grit of the game and competition, but he also reveals the intricate lives of those involved.  

Readers, whether they love football or not, will fall for this realistic story of life and enjoy it to the very last word. 

Reviewed by Ann Hite, author of Beautiful Wreck


336 pages  perfect bound

ISBN 13: 978-0-9815846-5-2

ISBN 10: 0-9815846-5-9

Library of Congress Control Number: 2008939696

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bullet Reader Comments:

“Once again, Vic Fortezza has fashioned a unique novel that fairly forces readers to confront some hard issues--regarding the world around them, and also within themselves. The resultant introspection tends to foster a clearer understanding of one's identity and place in the world” – Anthony St. James, Brooklyn, NY


“This book offers insight into high school football and Brooklyn boys like no other” Joe Spatola, Staten Island, NY


“I don’t know anything about football – and I still loved this book. It is so much more than sports” – Tanya Mills, Wyoming, Michigan


“A novel that pulls no punches when it comes to athletic competition, race relations and the bittersweet mystery of life. You will laugh and cry" - Jim Childress, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

" This book is a gift for anyone who would like to go back in time and have an introspective look into the world of high school football, coaches, relationships and life's lessons. Thanks for the memories Coach - Rob MacPherson, Kalamazoo, Michigan."


"Vic Fortezza has crafted a novel that draws you into the depths of competition and the bittersweet emotions of life. You will cheer the triumphs and cry at the defeats. - Luci Zappia, Brooklyn, NY"


As a life-long sports fan, full of dreams and the desire to compete, the book is tremendously appealing and interesting.  But it transcends that by making the reader, sports fan or not, look inside themselves to examine how their own tangled web of relationships, hopes and dreams have changed. - John Billeci, White Plains, NY

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