Welcome to the world of Mas Raike, a politically incorrect private investigator and self-described runt of James Bond’s litter. Operating in the infamous Bed-Sty area of Brooklyn, more cynic than saint, he has no problem stretching the law, short of murder, as he explains in the case of That SOB. His life is filled with Runyonesque type characters, some engaging, some ruthless.


Meet Bennie the Mouth, who never lets the fact that he is a disbarred attorney interfere with his practicing law, or Kenny O, a likeable convicted killer and rapist. Follow Mas as a Little Angel peels away his cynicism revealing an inner softness, as he struggles to resist her charms and maintain his life style filled with junk food, booze, and gambling.


Despite dealing with serious crimes - murder, drugs, bank robbery, extortion and kidnapping – Mas remains a comic figure, sometimes sinner, sometimes sinned, but always memorable. Leave behind your preconceptions about private investigators and their deductive skills and follow Mas as he ineptly, but successfully, survives.


Doug Maloney is a graduate of Queens College in New York City, Doug Maloney began his writing following twenty-seven years as a USAF fighter pilot and an additional thirteen years teaching. His short stories have been published in magazines both in the U.S. and Ireland. Following his success as a short story author, he is currently working on his first novel, a story of international intrigue during the cold war.