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Published by Water Forest Press, a subsidiary of Skyline Publications, c/o Victoria Valentine, publisher, New York, USA,,

ISBN 978-0-9815846-0-7

220 white pages, paperback color covers

Library of Congress number 2008924595

USA price:  $12.95

Edited by Phaedra Valentine, WFP, NY USA

Cover Art by Yvonne Emerson

First Review by Ann Hite


Douglas M. Maloneyís character Mas Raike, P.I. is well worth the read for lovers of crime fiction. He walks off the pages with a voice that convinces one they are in good hands only because Mas can see his own flaws better than anyone else. Heís a P.I., who doesnít carry a gun and isnít afraid to admit when heís scared. The first paragraph sets the tone of the book:


ďI admit, Iím not very observant, but it was

difficult ta not notice the revolver pressed

ta my head. In fact, I even noticed the bullets

clustered around the outside of the chambers

as Ron approached me, swearing ta blow my

friggin head off. Lifeís funny that way. I guess

we all react differently ta our environment,

some people notice it, some donít. Me, Iím a

charter member of the latter group.Ē


Dialect is one of the toughest techniques for a writer to pull off. Often it breaks the flow of the language and causes the reader to be interrupted or pulled from the writerís dream.  Mr. Maloney manages to use his dialect in such a way that it becomes part of the charactersí makeup and blends beautifully.

Each chapter is a story within itself. They are humorous, cocky, and satisfying. This is a collection of stories linked together buy our unsung hero, Mas Raike, P.I.. Who doesnít want to read stories with characters such as: Joey The Nose, Bennie The Mouth, and Little Al. But donít let the reader be fooled. Mas is truly a softy, even if he finds himself in many predicaments. Murder, drugs and bank robbery are just a few. The reader finds they canít wait to see how Mas is going to solve his next mystery.

About the Author:

Doug Maloney is a retired Air Force Colonel. Following his graduation from Queens College in New York City, he entered the USAF, eventually retiring after 27 years of active duty. He is a Command pilot with over 5000 hours of jet fighter flying time, including 105 combat missions during the Viet Nam War. After his military retirement, he began a second career as a high school teacher, during which time he began writing. for publication. His first published work appeared in a European publication This Ireland and he has since enjoyed success in the U.S. having been published in the Tampa Tribune, as well as Skyline Magazine, Spinnings and Skyline Review. He and his wife reside in Tampa Florida where he is currently working on his first novel.

Reviewed by Ann Hite, author of Surviving Mom and Life on Black Mountain.

I found this book refreshing, quirky, serious, and plain out fun. I strongly recommend it to readers. 

Ann Hite:

Annís short stories have appeared in numerous publications, including The Dead Mule, Fiction Warehouse, Cup of Comfort, Foliate Oak, and Moonwort Review. Her essay, Surviving Mom, appeared in Marlo Thomasí bestselling collection, The Right Words At The Right Time, Vol., 2. Ann lives with her family in Atlanta where she has over 1,000 books, a flower garden, and her laptop. Feel free to visit The Painted Door: