Pricing of Books and Services

Water Forest Press is a co op publisher, requiring a small financial commitment between author and press.

  • You won't find preformatted, generic templates here. We do all the actual "custom" work for you for one low price.

(Why do we charge a fee? Please read this first)

Book Pricing Estimate for Perfect Bound Poetry Collections, Novellas and Novels

For the next few months, you'll find lower prices on our site.


  • Novels and Novellas

  • Interior text layout and ready to print file production


  • Cover design and layout.

  • Choice of Author photo and condensed bio on back cover or optional author supplied art in required format or blank back cover with our printed logo and ISBN/barcode.  We may print advance book review quotes on the back cover, when available.


  • Creation of Title page

  • Creation of Copyright page

  • Creation of Table of Contents

  • Creation of Dedication Page

  • Layout up to 300 pages


  • $500.00 flat fee.

  • Each additional 24 interior pages $25.00 additional   

  • Professional cover art $75.00 with two free minor revisions if necessary.  Additional author revisions are $20.00 each after final. (Free)

  • Professional interior grayscale art (simple drawings) available @ $60.00 per image.  Intricate interior art @ a higher price, as discussed with artist upon author request. (Unavailable at this time)

  • It is an author's responsibility to provide a final, edited manuscript that is considered print ready. Therefore, do not submit your manuscript until you are happy with it and consider it completely ready for print. Using the material you provide, we will produce our own expertly formatted and perfectly aligned document for the printing of your book. Our process results in a fabulous book, containing the poetry or story that you have submitted to us. 

  • We do not rewrite manuscripts; sentence structure, presentation, literary flow are author responsibility. We do not provide editing at this time.

  • WFP will not put our name on a book that we consider a "sub standard" production. We do not print from your submitted document. The books we publish are professionally designed and printed, delivered straight to your door.


  • Up to 5 one page corrections of our pre print PDF free of charge.  (any formatting issues on our part will be resolved free of charge.)

  • Thereafter, author revisions or author corrections $5.00 per PDF page.

  • Once your document has been finalized and sent to you for a final read - any pre print corrections of final PDF $10.00 per page.

  • Interior grayscale art; additional fees apply. (Not available at discounted price.)


  • If you don't have an ISBN, we'll provide one.  

  • Copyright registration by author; $45.00 and 2 books submitted with application to Library of Congress.


  • Poetry Collections

  • Poetry collections up to 104 pages:  $250.00.  Size:  5 x 8 on white or creme interior paper.  Same services and requirements as listed above.

  • We do not edit poetry books.  All manuscripts are printed as submitted. The above conditions, additional page count, services, and print/revision fees also apply to poetry books.  We reserve the right to decline manuscripts that do not meet our requirements or standards.


Sample Book Prices

Perfect bound book sample price: 80 to 104 pages  5 x 8 or 6 x 9 =  $3.00  per book  (prices may vary according to print costs at time of publication)

Example of larger Book: 296 pages, $5.00 per book. Approximate.

  • Includes laminated color cover (trade paperback)

Obtain your books at cost. When you sell your own books, you keep the entire profit.

  You can purchase any number of books at any time. That's the beauty of on demand printing. No waste. No storage. Order as needed.

**The above illustrations are estimates only.  Final cost cannot be determined until we receive and review your manuscript.  Not all manuscripts are accepted.

 *** Prices may change at any time due to fluctuation in print & other costs

  • Actual Book Shipping fees USA, Canada, UK etc, paid by author, including any applicable taxes, to ship your own run of books to you. 

  • Author supplies WFP with promotional books, at request.


Optional Offer:  Print Ready Document Only Service.  Use printer of your choice.

  • $400.00 for up to 250 pages including, layout & cover as listed above. No editing.  Manuscripts are printed "as is".  It's the author's responsibility to provide a professionally edited manuscript, ready for print. No ISBN.


  • $200.00 for 64 - 80 page poetry book pdf file including layout & cover as listed above.  It's the author's responsibility to provide a professionally edited manuscript, ready for print. No ISBN.


Promotional Offers

  • Listing on WFP and Skyline online web sites and may be included as advertisements in our print publications.

  • Announcements & Inclusion in Newsletters.

  • We'll list your WFP personal author page in google, yahoo and other search engines. We can also list your book on


 *We are not responsible for misprints or errors on Water Forest Press website.  The above illustrations are examples only.  Our sales team will help price your book. All website prices, services and publishing information is subject to change without notice. (changes do not apply to authors already in agreement with WFP)


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